People Do Not See Motorcycles
(Accident & Aftermath)

Brad Makowski's life changed forever on a warm summer evening in 2003.

07/10/03 - Approximately 9:14 pm (Dusk) a truck driven by someone not paying attention & minimally covered by insurance caused the accident.  The truck & motorcycle were traveling towards each other on a two lane highway in Liberty, Missouri.  The driver of the truck made a left hand turn in front of Brad & his girlfriend who was also on the motorcycle.  With little time to react, Brad's motorcycle struck the truck broadside.  At the emergency room Brad coded but was revived.  A coma was induced because of swelling to the brain.  Multiple fractures of the face precluded the team of doctors from having to externally relieve the pressure.  Everyone waited.  Brad's girlfriend at the time also suffered serious injuries including a concussion.  She has recovered but still walks with a slight limp.

07/23/03 - Brad came off the respirator & was brought out of the coma.  He still could not speak or even focus on anyone although Brad did provide some minor responses to stimuli.

08/08/03 - Transferred from Liberty Hospital to Mid-America Rehabilitation Hospital in Overland Park, KS.  There he continued physical healing and underwent therapy to begin rehabilitation.  Several weeks saw Brad housed in a "Vail Bed" bed when not in therapy.  Such beds are zipped up and provided 360 degree protection to the patient.  Brad suffered "Brain Storms" (Series of sudden, violent cerebral disturbances) and would lay for hours rocking back and forth in his bed.

10/03/03 - First food Brad consumed by mouth since the accident.

01/08/04 - Transferred from Mid-America Rehab Hospital to Neuro Restorative (Was Center for Comprehensive Services or CCS) in Carbondale, IL. for long term rehabilitation efforts.

10/08/04 - Moved from CCS and brought home to further recover with family.  Services provided under the Kansas TBI Waiver.  Began receiving daily therapy sessions in home.

03/27/08 - Hip replacement surgery conducted at KU Medical Center.  This was a delayed result of the accident.  Surgery was conducted at KU Medical Center by Dr. Kelly Hendricks.  All was successful and Brad's walking abilities significantly improved.  He did walk more upright with much less pain after the surgery.  The hip injury was not noticeable at the time of the accident.  Trauma to the hip from the accident had slowly caused blood flow to the left hip joint to cease.  Over time this resulted in deterioration of the top of the femur (ball) which resulted in its disintegration.

04/30/10 - Moved from the Kansas Brain Injury Waiver onto the Physical Disability Waiver.  This waiver does not cover therapy.  Receives only in home caretaker (PCA) during business days.

2018 - Currently - Living with family in home.

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