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Disassembly of the Emerson Model 77648-SQ Floor Fan

--Circa 1955--

Updated 08/07/18

This fan is a very well built product.  Manufactured back in the day when consumables were designed to last as long as possible.  Not to just last for what now is considered a reasonable amount of time.  I now use the fan almost daily.  The fan was in very good shape when it was obtained.  I disassembled and cleaned the fan.  In doing so I discovered that there was no single place where I could find all the information I required to complete this task.  I decided that an overview was in order to that future individuals who were attempting the same task, could find most informaiton in a single spot.  I am not an expert in fan restortation.  If anyone finds in correct information in this article, please let me know.  Good luck!




Understanding the model fan you have will make it easier to obtain additional information, should you have questions.  The “35” in the lower right corner of the plate indicates this fan was produced in 1955 (The number 35 + 20).

First unclip the eight  wire hooks to remove the front of the blade cage from the back.

This image shows the front cage removed.  You can see the hooks that hold the back to the front of the cage. (At this point the blade will NOT be off the fan!)

With the front of the blade cage off, remove the bullet cover on the rear of the fan motor.  The  cover will hang down & not come off until you have removed the screw at the bottom of the Oscillator knob.

Carefully jamb a larger screwdriver into the back of the fan motor to prevent the motor stator from turning so that the fan blade can be removed.  Be careful not to touch the motor windings.  Only wedge the center rotating stator to prevent movement.  You can then twist the fan blades off the motor front.

With the fan blades removed, you can then unscrew the four acorn nuts that hold the blade cage back to the motor.  Next disconnect the three wires between the motor & head wire (Mark these wires wo that they can be reinstalled correctly).  Now removed the fan motor from the stand.  This is easily accomplished by removing the wing nut & then the center nut that connects the fan motor to the base (The motor must be supported while doing this).

Switch to the rear of the motor and remove the Oscillator box.  1st remove the top 2 screws that hold the box onto the back of the motor.  The Oscillator box lid cannot be removed with these 2 screws in place.  The third/bottom Oscillator box screw is still in place so the box will not fall off at this point.  Remove the three Oscillator box lid screws and remove the lid.

You can then remove the final bottom Oscillator box screw and pull the box away from the rear of the motor.  Do this carefully.  The Oscillator shaft that runs through the motor should remain in the motor as you pull the box straight back from the motor.


You can now remove the 4 nuts that hold the front motor plate onto the motor.  These are the same screws that held the blade cage on with the acorn nuts earlier.

The inside of the motor with the front case removed.


Push the center Oscillator shaft out of the motor from front to back (Left to right in this image).  Then remove the spring from the front.  The stator should now slide out the front of the motor.  On this particular motor I had to re-install the blades to pull the stator out of the unit because of sticky, hardened lubricant.  Remember the washer on the back side of the stator!

This is as far as I tore down the motor.  I used electrical contact cleaner to remove dirt and lubricant from the inside of the motor by shooting that into the motor from both front and back.

The smaller vertical gear is about the only one that can easily be removed from inside the Oscillator box.  Watch for washers.  Clean this gear box thoroughly.

Here are the parts of the fan motor, laid out in order.

The bottom of the pedestal should have a metal plate like this.

If all is functioning correctly, just clean & reattach the plate………

General Informational Details:
> Remove fan blades by unscrewing the same direction as the fan turns.  Clockwise when viewing from the front (Left hand thread).
> The 1/4-20 bolt trick through the upper left hole in the Oscillator box does NOT work on this fan.  Hole is smaller and not threaded all the way through.
> White Lithium grease was used in Oscillator box.
> 3cc's of non-detergent machine oil (3-In-One Blue Can, Royal Purple, etc)
> Capacitor- Original is oil filled 2.7uf @ 250 volt AC rated.  Replacement should be about 2.5uf @450 volt rated.
> This fan had 3 washers between the motor & base.  Motor seemed to have too much in & out play so I used one of these same size washers in the motor to remove excess end play.

A great place for information on vintage and antique fans is: Antique Fan Collectors Association.



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