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Raytown Police Department: The First 60 Years
by Bruce T. Varner
I gathered the data for this book over a period of approximately a year and a half.  The book tries to provide the reader with an overview of the Raytown Police Department from the perspective of each decade since the inception in 1950.  Also provided are many images of the department and its employees during its existence.

This 154 page book has a short general history about the Department and includes history of the area in and around "Raytown" before city incorporation.  I have also included detail about early history, particularly the Civil War, because it shows a direct bearing on the roots of original residents and sheds some light on how the population came to be the people of Raytown.  However, most of all this is a dedication to all those who have, and those who will, serve the Raytown Police Department in all capacities.  I have tried to present facts as accurately as I could.  This book is not intended to be about criminal cases that have occurred during the cities lifetime nor about politics.  I have included some political occurrences, but only to let the reader know how the Department functioned throughout the years.  This book is meant to provide a high level overview of the RPD and to remember those who have served this Department from the time the town was a rural bedroom community to the current urban/suburban city Raytown has become, now totally surrounded by Kansas City, except for a small strip where Independence meets Raytown in its northeast corner.

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The First 60 Years...
By Sgt. Bruce T. Varn...